Umndeni: Fans Noticed About This About Dabula’s Hairstyle, See Reactions

There is a lot that we get to see in just one episode, there have been talks about how the show needs to take a production break, but from the look of things, it can go on for another season and a lot of the fans will not mind.

If the shows goes for a break, then it means that we will not be seeing what the Maseko family is up to and by now, the viewers are used to the surprises that come with the episodes.

As always, Dabula does what she does best and this is obviously to rock something unusual, this time, it was a hairstyle that sparked some reactions on social media.

Now, some of the viewers are not impressed with how Dabula has been doing things lately, they suspect that everything that has been happening in her marriage has a bit of a negative impact on her.

Unfortunately, the hairstyle is not in the list of Dabula’s finest hairstyles and the viewers were quick to mention what they thought about it as they always do.

Some mentioned that there has been this slight change about Dabula and then the matter regarding the weed was brought up.

There are viewers who think that Dabula is, supposedly too focused on weed and she does not worry that much about how she looks.

More than a week ago, this was a topic and the viewers did not really make it a big deal, but after some of them noticed that the reality star could be high, they pointed it out.







Surely, viewers have no problem with Dabula doing such, but it may seem like they prefer the Dabula who is more present in the moment.

One thing about Dabula, she has never cared about what people think about her when they see her on TV, she has done things her way.

As for the hairstyle, it was actually an issue because some of the lady fans are always interested in seeing how Dabula looks.

But, with Dabula, doing a new hairstyle or rocking a new outfit is not always a thing for her, there are episodes where one can tell that she did not feel like going all the way.

Sometimes, she keeps things simple, which is what has to happen, she cannot always wear a crop top and do wild hairstyles.

There are times when they do not even put on makeup and with all the drama in the family, shooting the show must be frustrating sometimes.

What matters is that, we still get to see them on our TV screens every Saturday evening, but we still want them to be their best selves.

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