Umndeni: Dabula Teaches Maseko’s New Girlfriend A Lesson, See This

It is now official that there is an addition to the Maseko family and with all the ups and downs in the past weeks, Dabula and MaMkhulu have finally accepted that Maseko has made a decision about who he wants to take as his third wife.

And for the longest time, it was obvious that Dabula and MamKhulu were not entertaining the idea of another wife in the family.

But, this did not stop Maseko from cheating on them, as one might have seen, he met someone and said nothing to his wives.

We only got to know about Kim, who is still a girlfriend, when there was a ceremony at the Masekos, it turns out that she was invited by Maseko.

This was a risk as the viewers saw, when MaMkhulu noticed that there was something going on between Maseko and Kim, she lashed out.

Both MaMkhulu and Dabula threatened to teach Kim a lesson, but in all of this, it seemed like Maseko got off easily. And this is because, his wives made it clear that they were angry about what he did, but as they always do, they forgave him.

Maseko probably managed to explain his situation to his wives and they understood what his intention was because on the latest episode, Kim was invited at the Masekos.

This time around, the energy was different, Dabula and MaMkhulu were welcoming and one could tell that Maseko was happy with how things unfolded.

As Kim entered the house, Dabula immediately noticed what she did wrong. In turns out that the dress that Kim was wearing was inappropriate, so they got a cloth for her to cover herself and it was not just that.

Dabula also told Kim to sit down on the floor and not on the couch and it seems like this was a requirement, she had no choice, but to do as she was told.

Even Maseko chipped in a few words, telling Kim that she would need to respect Dabula and MaMkhulu if she intends to be part of the family.

Dabula took things further, she left the room and came back with laundry, she told Kim that she needed to do the laundry at that moment.

And surprisingly, Kim actually did the laundry, as she was doing the laundry, they were all conversing and laughing together.

Now, this could be a sign that they might get along, but we can never be too sure because this could change.

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