Two Brothers That Recently Wrote To #EnoughIsEnough Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After This

Two Brothers That Recently Wrote To #EnoughIsEnough Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After This Happened

Source: Hashtag #EnoughIsEnough Twitter page and DStv MojaLove Channel 157 latest episode




Mzansi has been calling this two brothers to get DNA test after they spoted that they are brother and they look alike. Tonight on #EnoughIsEnough One brother George claims that his brother is going around telling people that he is not their father’s son. He has been hearing about this rumors from the streets and now he wants this rumor to stop. His brother is denying him and telling people that they are not brothers. According to him they don’t share the same father. The brother is telling the whole world that his brother, George is not a Mashele. George is greedy, he does not want to share the inheritance, they look alike.

Parents sometimes ain’t truth sometimes not telling their kids who are the real fathers. Each day we heard such cases of parents failing to open up to their children before they passes on. One thing about people who drink alcohol they always tell the truth. They have sharp mind that does not forget anything but able to express their feeling and telling the truth when they are drunk. The only these two are fighting is being there’s money involved otherwise these two are too old for this nonsense they are showing us. The attitude of this older brother is unacceptable. These men look like twins plot twist when they find out they are both not their father’s sons.

Every day Mojolove channel is serving us with Local content. MojaLove shows make me so grateful to be an only child. It seems like siblings bring stress to #EnoughIsEnough. They both look alike the one who wrote to the show he just wanted his father things alone. This guy don’t want to share his father’s inheritance.