Twitter reveals that Shaka Khoza’s sangoma baby mamma Gogo Maweni bewitched him to end his career

Amid Shaka Khoza losing his job when his contract was terminated in November 2021 after an alleged assault by his estranged fiance, his work contract was terminated by Multi-choice the company in partnership with DSTV. Shaka was going to get married to his ex fiance when she found out that,

He was allegedly cheating and had gotten another woman pregnant after she confronted him, it is said that he got angry and assaulted her and destroyed their apartment’s furniture. They broke up right after the incident. Its was such an unfortunate that he lost his job even though Connie Ferguson




Had forgave him repeatedly after having scandals and was always trending for the wrong reasons. Being a bad boy is what Khoza played in his Shaka Khoza character by in real life, it was not foreign to him as it is himself. Shaka has always has relationship problems and was,

Once married with 2 children from his marriage and has another children with a reality television star known as Gogo Maweni who once took SK to the show called Pay Papgelded on Moja Love. His second baby momma Gogo Maweni also has a child with the football star called Siyabonga Zulu,

Who played for Sundowns. After a video of Khoza went viral on social media while he was shouting at a restaurant, Twitter people have alleged that his baby momma bewitched him to lose his job because he has been a deadbeat father to their son. Gogo Maweni once wrote,

On her Instagram page that she doesn’t have baby daddy issues because she fix everything in her Ndumba and said if her children don’t eat then no-one will. People said she has bewitched both her baby daddies because they lost their jobs and their careers. Although people assumed that Shaka,

Is on drugs he said he is going through something but has taken drug tests in front of his family and proved that he is clean.