Twitter disapproves her role for the new Shaka Zulu series. Check the comments

Ntando Duma is part of the new series Shaka IIembe and people have snabed at the actress that she is not the right person for the role. She will be playing the role of being a wife. She is going through the same social media dragging moments that Nathasha Tahane went through a tough time after Chris Excel started that she should pay back the money for studying in the United States of America.

Nathasha and Ntando are being seen as they can’t be seen to act according to social media rating. Even though they are not approved by some people on social media, they keep on getting more roles. As for Natasha, she has bagged two roles already this year and the long awaited season three of Blood and Water is set to continue for the third season.





A comment like “she can’t speak Zulu” is very harsh and that is how they have seen her previous roles. As for the Shaka series, they are being against her. Other comments say if the king was there, he was not going to allow her to be part of the show. They believe he would not accept it. It is not proven whether they are not liking her, as other people will see it.


Or maybe she can’t act and then hoping she will do better for the show. One thing is that the show is not made for themselves but for the people who will be watching and if they are not happy, it means they have not done a good job of it. Sometimes, as an actor or actress going through these comments, it may push you to have a room for improvement.

Maybe she will prove them wrong that she is a good actress and she will be able to speak Zulu fluently because it will be the language of the TV show mainly. It would not be fascinating as much without the Zulu language and it would not be telling the story in a proper way about Shaka. Ntando has been on the screen a long time and she should be one of the great actresses.