“Twins” Gail Mabalane left fans with photo her husband and daughter.

God works in mysterious ways known by him. And us people sometimes we don’t understand those ways. You can have a girl child taking their father looks while a girl one takes their mother’s looks. It is not far on the girls to look like their fathers.

Some are lucky because it doesn’t make them look somehow. A girl child is suppose to be beautiful like the mother. Gail Mabalane is a South African actress and businesswoman. She has starred on Blood and Water, Rockville and many more. Her recent show was on Unseen, a Netflix show. She always delivers her best in her roles.




She shared a picture of her husband Kabelo Mabalane with their daughter Zoe. It is very hard to miss the resemblances between them. They almost look like twins. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over the father and daughter duo. She has such a beautiful family. Zoe is growing up very fast.