TV: Umndeni Top Moja Love Ratings

Have you ever wondered how popular Umndeni is especially now that Isencane Lengane has returned for it’s 3rd Season? Well, you’ll be shocked at show many people are glued to their screens to see how the family dynamics keep on changing as the wives continue to make their husband’s life difficult. The Maseko family has been reduced as his other wives had a change of heart but he was brave enough to introduce his new girlfriend besides the backlash. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.



Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela has revealed that Umndeni has held its dominant position as the most popular show peaking at 600k viewers an episode. This has been happening for the past three months as it hijacked Rea tsotella’s position from June. Not so long ago we’ve witnessed the unfortunate passing of Malwandle who had a very colorful spirit that embraced the people around her.

Reaction on social media

This season has been not so interesting compared to the previous seasons. Most of the episodes look like they’ve been rehearsed or scripted. Some have stated the disconnect now that the family has been cut into half. But in all honesty is not a secret that reality shows are sometimes scripted in order to make things interesting.

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