TV star breaks up with her baby daddy over cheating allegations

Love is good but it can be bad at the same time. It is always a good thing to celebrate love while it last but there are unforeseen circumstances which may lead to that once beautiful story to end.

While there are no guarantees that relationships will stay forever but cheating in most cases is the reason why relationships ends.

We have seen lot of celebrities breaking up and the cause is cheating in most of them.

This even occurs in those who are married as it ends in divorce.


It has ended in tears for reality star and musician Londie London who has broke up with her businessman lover, whom they have two kids with.

Londie London took to her Instagram stories , acknowledged the concerns from her fans about the alleged cheating of her partner. This is where she revealed that they are no together, he is free now to date whoever he wants.

While,Londie London, who is the star of reality show, The Real Housewives of Durban, is pregnant with their second child, there were rumours that this guy is cheating and she has even moved out their mansion in Durban.

The two got married traditionally in 2020.