TV presenter breaks up with girlfriend

Now, what will come as a shocker to many people as they did not even know that this was happening, is the break up of former Real Gobhoza host, Sinazo Yolwa.

The TV and radio presenter has successfully managed to keep her love life under wraps until now as she had to announce her break up.


What will shock people even more is that Yolwa’s lover is a female. Oh yes, you read that correct, Sinazo has broken up with her girlfriend whose name cannot be identified.

In the video that she posted, she wrote the caption : Happy Heartbreak Anniversary.

However, what was noticed,it is the last part of the video where there is voice of her girlfriend where she is saying something so hurtful yet she was honest with herself.

In this video, she can be heard saying, :I am never doing this again.

We assume that there could have been some very serious thing that transpired which led to the break up.

source: “Sinazo Yolwa & Girlfriend Calls It Quit! – ZAlebs”