TV personality Minnie speaks about what led to her failed marriage

The South African television personality Minnie Dlamini has finally decided to break her silence about her failed marriage to the former American sports star Quinton Jones. Even though it took sometime for her to heal from this whole unexpected divorce, but she’s slowly getting back to her normal self. As she’s not worried about what people will say about her challenging decisions that she made in the past. Surely, it’s something that can be used as lesson for someone else that wants to enter into a holly matrimony as it’s not all sunshine and roses.



The couple was only married for four years, before announcing their split on an official statement that was released on Minnie’s Instagram in 2021. As that was meant to settle the rumours that have been making rounds about Jones and Dlamini, especially that they were allegedly no longer living in the same household – even slept in separate bedrooms. Nevertheless, in the recent radio interview on 702 Afternoons with Relebogile Mabotja as she stated that the major issue was that she rushed into marriage without knowing herself. In terms of what she wants in the present and future. “I didn’t understand myself. I didn’t know what it is was that I wanted… Was I matured enough to get married at that stage? Was it the right time for me? Did I know what I wanted? Was I secure enough in living life the way I wanted to live, before I could settle down?… I felt timing was off and I didn’t know myself,” said the former Soccer Zone presenter talking on 702.

There was even rumours about Minnie being involved with some other men meanwhile married to Jones, but nothing solid came out of it. As it was just allegations, but now she’s been free to date whoever she wants and even just to fully focus on her career and raise her beautiful child that she received in her ended marriage.