TV personality Katlego joking shares pictures of her father

Katlego AKA Kat Ncala is a South African presenter and model. She’s one of celebrities who come from families that are doing well and was raised by both her parents. Kat and her family usually share their family content or what they get up to on Instagram including her parents.

The family have shared pictures going to church




Or when having events and recently Kat posted on her stories that her father was trying to order food on Uber eats which became a complete fail mission.

She jokingly wrote that he doesn’t know how to use the app and has been trying to order for the past hour. She put laughing emojis and even tagged him.

A few minutes later she shared, that he was still at it.

She then shared that they had food however people shouldn’t be fooled because he drove to the restaurant to buy instead of continuing online. This was a hilarious post because it shows how our parents sometimes struggle to keep up with the latest technology trends.