Tupac’s pictures cause a stir on TL, could he be alive and well?

Tupac’s pictures cause a stir on TL, could he be alive and well?

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American rapper Tupac Shakur remains one of the most loved celebrities in history. Although he was assassinated in 1996, at age 25, the world celebrates his birthday every year, without fail. He would have turned 51 years old on the 16th of June.

But the most interesting thing about Tupac is the quality of his pictures. Sure he’s a gorgeous man but the quality? It’s as if the pictures were taken just a week ago, with one of the top range gadgets.




And again, every year, snaps we didn’t know existed are released, with perfect picture quality. Quality that some of us are unable to get, even though we are very much alive.

This year was no exception, more pictures we didn’t know existed were released and tweeps couldn’t help themselves. They started throwing around bold allegations that the American rapper is still alive and well. That there’s no way his pictures could be so perfect when he hasn’t been alive for almost 3 decades.

Retweets with his pictures were circulated, with some accusing him of having taken the pictures lady week; while some accused that he’s living his best life somewhere while we commemorate his death.

But one thing that the accusations missed is that the pictures are all aged around the same time. None of the pictures shows a 51-year-old-looking Tupac. They are all young and perfect, exactly how he was when he was alive.

The sanest people suggested that picture technology is a thing and that is how his pictures are brought to life.