Tulz from big brother is a happy man, watch the video

Tulz is one of the few housemates in the show that has made it to the top 5 after the hard work, that he put on the show when he was winning most of the games in the house which ended in him winning the headhouse for the second time as the show was ending in the week.

He has been receiving gifts this weekend which made him a happy man as he continues to get his old life back which seems to be difficult, because everything around him has changed a lot and people are starting to approach him differently than he ever thought.




South Africans have fallen.in love with these housemates because they also became their best friends, when they were watching them on their television screens and the only thing that can make things different is for them to buy their presents and show their life to them this weekend.

The show has already started to make celebs. this kind because they are well recognized in the country and everyone is happy, about that and any promoter is starting to get a lot of pressure this day, because he has to include them on their program so that they can attract many people.

This happened during the week when they were attending the launch of the real house of Lagos we’re we’re walking on the red carpet with other celebs, and everyone was happy to see them. At that event, the likes of Bonang were having a nice chat Mphowabadimo.