Tshiamo from Gomora:Find out more on her real life.

Tshiamo from Gomora, is an upcoming South African actress , going by the way she executes her role flawlessly, it is hard to believe Gomora is her first time on the screen.
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An up-and-coming South African actress, Lerato Mokoka is most recognized for her role as Tshiamo on Gomora. With her immaculate performance, it’s hard to imagine this is her first appearance on television. Let’s find out what she likes as she becomes a popular favorite. The life story of Lerato Mokoka (Age, Boyfriend, Instagram Pictures, Net Worth, Gomora).








The South African-born actress keeps admirers wondering about her identity. This is all supposition, but based by her appearance, she appears to be in her early twenties.

As Tshiamo Molefe on Gomora, she made her acting debut in 2020. Her first acting role was in Gomora. Molefe is the daughter of Pretty Molef and Sbonga (son-in-law of mam’Sonto) on the Gomora island.she doesn’t show off her love life even though she is active on social media. That means she’s doing an excellent job of concealing the fact that she has been booed.The photographer that captures the actress’s wonderful moments is an expert. Check out her photos below: