Truth About To Be Exposed | Vutshilo And Mkondeleli Will Reveal Everything

Muvhango has been indeed very lit these days because the storylines have are really a bomb.

Rosemary and Nomasonto have been thinking that they have been playing it safe and that no one will ever catch them.

They have been caught by Mkondeleli after they tried to cuddle and kiss.

Mkondeleli has heard them also when they were busy talking about Azwindini.

Now it is time when they will be exposed.






However mkondeleli’s life will be at risk because she might expose everything.

Nomasonto manhandled Mkondeleli until she fell down and now she is hospital suffering a coma.

Rosemary and Nomasonto think they have it all bagged up thinking that vafhuwi is by their side.

Vutshilo heard everything they were fighting about and he says that when Mkondeleli wakes up from the coma,she will tell the truth and reveal everything.

Things are about to be over for Nomasonto and Rosemary even before they can get a taste of Azwinidini’s Money.

Stay tuned for more drama and suspension on Muvhango.

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