Trouble In Paradise? – Lorch Deletes Natasha Thahane’s Pictures On His Instagram

Trouble in paradise for younge and famous couple Natasha Thahane and Lorch?

Fans speculate that the pair has broken up after Lorch deleted images of Natasha on his Instagram page and proceeded to unfollow her.



The couple debuted their relationship after individuals on Twitter had done some investigating and discovered that they were on holiday together. They had since continued their relationship in the public eye.

The pair also have a child together, who was born earlier this year. It is not clear at this point what could have caused the relationship to end and if the speculation is actually correct that the pair had separated.

Both Natasha who is an actress and tve personality and Lorch, who is a soccer player for Orlando Pirates have not responded to any allegations and rumours made against them by their fans.

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