Trouble between two radio presenters

It is very important when two radio presenters are doing one show to cooperate and work well together for the sake of listeners and the show to go smoothly

Unlike TV, even when presenters are doing one show together but viewers at home cannot pick that they are not having the same vibe, despite being infront of the camera.

This is the professionalism they maintain and to listen to their director. These presenters may have differences, like everyone in every workplace but they manage to put it aside and do the job.

Now, in radio, it is quite contrary because when two radio presenter are not in the same spirit, that can be heard from the listeners. Listeners can pick up and conclude that the two are somehow fighting are they argument is too strong or rather there is trouble between the two of them.



Johannesburg’s radio station, has made headlines once again about the conflict of the presenters which has gone viral on social media and even topped the trending charts.

It will be remembered that last year the same happened between former Kaya FM presenter, Unathi Mankayi and Sizwe Dhlomo which resulted in Unathi being fired from the station.

Listeners of Kaya FM breakfast show have expressed their unhappiness at the way the two hosts of the show are doing their job.

Most of them are blaming Dineo Ranaka for failing to give her co-host, Sol Phenduka an opportunity to be part of the interviews on their show.

There is also a video which shows Sol raising his hand in an attempt to say something but Dineo ignored him and didn’t give him a chance.

This has caused lot of uproar in social media and it has since emerged that one of the listeners has written an open letter to the station, urging it to intervene.

In this letter, this listener says they have noticed the way these presenters are working on and it can be heard when listening to the recorded shows that one of them is acting smart like a know-it-all person, trying to get attention in order to make the other looks like he has nothing to say or he is a failure whereas that is not the case.

Kaya FM has since responded and defended Dineo by saying that she is the host of the show.