Trendy Christmas Nail Art Design 2021

It’s the most festive day of the year, and believe it or not the manicure is as important as the feasts that you put on the table on this special day. Christmas nail art ideas might not be as popular as Christmas Makeup Ideas but it’s a great opportunity to try some of these Christmas nail art design ideas in this festive season. We have a lot of ideas that you can reflect on the Christmas spirit to your nails. Now you are going to think about how to make time for my nails from cooking and decorating the house, therefore there are some tutorials and easy peasy nail art tips that we added for you. Do you want to use the red, green and white colors as a Christmas tradition or do you want to experience a new trend on your fingernails far beyond that? Let’s take a look and get many inspirations from


The holidays are almost here! I can’t believe how quickly the season is flying by.

This season is a time to go all out, whether that means wearing a sparkle shirt, throwing on your cutest heels, or drawing an extra special design on your nails.

While Christmas nails (and holiday nails in general) seem pretty straightforward, there’s actually a ton of designs and variations.

I find that Christmas/holiday nail trends change so much each year. When I come to update this post, I’m always shocked at how different this year’s trends are.

There are a lot of different nail trends that are popular right now (maybe because of the pandemic since everyone is at home and has time to browse nail designs? Not completely sure) and most of these show up in holiday colors as well.

You really can’t go wrong with Christmas nails, but if you’re like me and want to try something a bit new and trendy then this post is for you.

Here are my favorite Christmas nail trends plus inspo photos of each trend below!