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African Dresses- African fashion got massive hype after the Africa Fashion Week London 2020. All the African inspired designers presented their collections from all over the world. From common man to celebs, everyone is stunned by the beauty of African culture.
This is because African fashion is an amalgam of western style, Asian prints, and vibrant colors. Spring will be here in a few months and African prints are the most attractive choice for the season. Do not forget to freshen up your wardrobe with a few African pieces this spring because African fashion is taking over the world by leaps and bounds

Latest Nigerian prints are an amalgam of African fabric and western floral patterns. Nigerian printed shorts and skirts are loved by teenagers and young African office going women. Thin belts and long heels always spice up the patterns. You just need to put on a little mascara and lipstick with these elegant prints.

african dresses are loved by everyone from kids to grown-ups due to their attractive patterns. Short dresses and african skirts and trousers fused with modern style give an enchanting attire. These can be worn casually or formally, whatever way you like it. Models and celebrities have been seen wearing african on award ceremonies, on streets, and on music events. It is not just owned by African women but the western women are also amazed by the beauty of Ankara. This spring you should go for vibrant african short dresses with nude high heels and bright lipsticks. Do check out

You would love to hear that Jewel by Lisa won the coveted AFI Designer of the Year Award and let me tell you that you literally don’t want to miss on these beautifully handcrafted and unique outfits. Add a few short dresses by Jewel by Lisa to your wardrobe. You can wear them to office or friend’s gatherings. You can play with bright colored and glittery eye shadows with these flattering pieces. Don’t forget to pick purple and yellow outfits.