Trash Can Collector Leaves DJ Sbu Emotional

Trash Collector Leaves DJ Sbu Emotional

The trash effect leaves DJ Sbu in tears as he reminiscences of all he has been through with the building of his brand.

DJ Sbu was left in tears after coming across an unknown trash collector. There are many ways to make a living, the lack of jobs in the country has led to a number of people to do whatever it takes to create employment in order to have something to eat. Trash collectors have been around for a while, a number of people grew up with parents who’s job was to go around collecting cans of cold drinks. Whatever little they got from their seemingly poor man’s job brought them a sense of comfort.




Sbusiso Leope had a dream to go head to head with brands such as Coca-Cola, his dream might have been far fetch to a number of people. The lows of his energy drink Mofaya didn’t kill the DJ’s spirit, he forged ahead believing in his vision when no one did, this has led to growth over the years. The 43 year old has been focusing on expanding his energy drink brand, his work and perseverance seems to be paying off.

DJ Sbu recently posted a photo of a can colletor, the man has a number of cans all over his him. It seems like an art attire or a school project but this is a man who’s trying to make a living in the streets of Joburg. This left DJ Sbu in tears when he realised that the crown of the man was made of Mofaya cans. He stated that this left him emotional when he realized how far he had come and the challenges that he had to endure throughout the journey of building his brand.

“This pic makes me emotional, after everything I’ve been through all these years building my business Mofaya Official 🔥”

Fans of the radio DJ were quick to congratulate him whilst some praised him for his workmanship and added that they would love to be mentored by the DJ.