Transgender Woman From KZN Nominated For An Award

Nomalizwi Mhlongo is taking woman hood by storm. If you are not impressed or motivated by this woman,then I don’t know what will.

She has been a woman for a few months but she is already making it big,many women should watch out for her. I have never met someone so confident and comfortable,she is more comfortable than all of us women.

She is kind hearted and she definitely deserves the recognition she is getting. The reason why she is taking woman hood by storm is because,she has been nominated for an award. Sebenza Women Award.




Not only is she nominated for sebenza women award,but she is also nominated for a SATMA AWARD.

The Sebenza Women Awards,focuses on rewarding hard working,influential and successful women. All ladies can join,as long as you have the social medias attention and a public figure. Being an influencer is a cherry on top,as it can get you to receive more votes.

That is how Nomalizwi was nominated for this award,she is an influencer and she is close to being famous,she also has over a thousand followers on Facebook.

Nomalizwi was born for this road,she was born to be a woman. She has a beautiful soul,who understands the power of being a woman. She also understands how the mind of a woman works.

Congratulations are in order for this amazing woman. I hope she keeps up the good work of being an inspiration and continues to inspire more women or anyone who is uncomfortable,and want to change.


Sebenza Women Awards Empowers The Youth