TOUCHING: Babes Wodumo Sent a Message to Mampintsha’s Mom

It is true when they say death brings people together: after the death of a mutual loved one, two people who didn’t get along but lost a mutual loved one put their differences aside for the sake of their living loved ones and let them rest in peace. We saw it through Mampintsha’s mom and Babes Wodumo. The two were like a rat and a cat; they didn’t get along because Mampintsha’s mom claimed that Babes Wodumo was not good for her son. But after Mampintsha passed away, they apologized to each other and made a truce. Babes Wodumo apologized on the funeral day, and since then, their relationship is better than before.

A few days ago, it was announced by Mampintsha’s mother that their mother is in the hospital in a critical condition after being attacked by a stroke. The family was asking for a donation from the public so that they could take her to a better hospital. Many people were shocked to see this family begging because we all thought there was a great amount of money left from the funeral unless Babes Wodumo took all of it.





Following all that, Babes and Wodumo decide to write a message for Mampintsha’s mother. She used Facebook to send a message to her. On her post, she wrote “Get well soo” with broken hearts and sad emotions emojis. She even pinned Mampintsha’s mother onto the photo. However, she decided to turn off comments on the photo because she didn’t want people to be commenting with their negative thoughts since we all know South Africa’s abuse of social media freedom.

In my opinion, Babes Wodumo is not doing her in-law well; she must send her money for a private hospital rather than letting her beg the public for the hospital’s bill. Yes, she doesn’t owe her, but that’s the least she can do as her daughter-in-law. By doing so, she will also give her late husband peace of mind, knowing that at least his death brought two people together. Nevertheless, we wish you a speedy recovery, ma.