“Toss is the one who got me suspended on Metrofm…” Dineo Ranaka sends a message to Toss

Dineo Ranaka takes it to social media to share a message that he has for Toss. Remember that Dineo got suspended from her job on Metrofm few weeks ago, Dineo says she was suspended because of Toss. Dineo Ranaka was doing a dance challenge that Toss started, but Dineo did it the whole way at the Metrofm studios.



Dineo Ranaka also told Told to wear close and stop being a starring because it is cold outside. Toss does not wear any shirts because he always performs for his fans and doing his famous dance moves.

People on social media are taking it the wrong way by saying that Dineo is lying, they say she was not suspended because of Toss. They say she did it on her own Toss did not twll her to dance on top of the office tables. Will Toss respond to this allegations and probably wear a shirt like Dineo Ranaka wants him to?

Sources: https://twitter.com/MusaKhawula/status/1533791493797908481?t=0eF2jNSy8rePcpQFjbFbhw&s=19