Top Short African dresses designs

Short African dresses are always fashionable and almost never lose their relevance. This is quite understandable, they perfectly emphasize all the charm of a female figure and are bright and eye-catchy. The beautiful half of humanity feels in African dresses of short length like a fish in water, comfortable and relaxed. Well, let’s look at the best designs of trendy African short dresses any fashionista must have in her wardrobe.




In summer, sun or half-sun-flared dresses with a narrowed bodice are quite popular. Undoubtedly, they are most suitable for young ladies.

The universal style of short dresses was preferred by the world famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel. Such models can be worn as independent elements of clothing, as well as with the addition in the form of a fitted shortened jacket, which can be made in different colors, create a contrast to the dress or harmonize with its basic tone.


t is difficult to forget the girl who came to the party in a short dress with a bouffant skirt. Time had a good effect on the appearance of this dress. Starting from the 50s of the last century, it became brighter and more pompous, turning the young lady into a real queen. Most models of dresses with a short fluffy skirt are made up of styles with a corset top and a pleated skirt, a skirt with ruffles, fringed, from the buds of artificial roses, or with a bell skirt. The pleats allow wearing a voluminous skirt to a woman with large hips, as the vertical lines visually stretch the silhouette. A skirt consisting of a multitude of transparent layers looks light and perky. Placing ruffles in random order, the designers achieve a stunning and natural effect. The artistic mess on the skirt creates the impression of unlimited freedom and complete self-expression.

Beautiful short African dresses with sleeves Sleeves in a short dress can be severely strict or express the very understatement that men love so much. Lace sleeves on a short dress look especially attractive and charming. And if you want to show more originality, you can wear a dress with one sleeve. Summer short dress with lantern sleeves and a thin belt will create the perfect proportions for a lady whose shoulders are too narrow. In addition to fitted styles, trapezium dresses with long sleeves with wide cuffs are in fashion. A dress with sleeves should sit perfectly. Otherwise, any inappropriate folds and sagging will spoil the look. To make simple styles more interesting, choose styles from, high-quality material.