Top Ponytails Hairstyles Ideas 2019

Braided ponytails can be worn with anything. You can wear them to formal engagements, like your friend’s wedding, or to your laid back weekend outings, like your neighbor’s barbeque. There are braids and tails for every occasion! Whatever events you have coming up, be sure to look through our  ponytails with braids and pick out the perfect one for you.

This messy style is perfect for shows, festivals and concerts. Feel free to try it out for the next crazy, wild occasion you have planned! To style the undone look, use a curling wand to create waves in your tresses and then back-comb for volume.

This is one way to be large and in charge! Ditch a braided bang, and step up your high ponytail with a jumbo French style. This size creates a lattice weave effect throughout the front of the style for a cool sculptural appearance that will be the focal point of your hairdo.

One of the benefits of wearing a style with braids is that you can create looks you might not wear otherwise, like this fun and funky Mohawk. Insider tip: tease your roots in the front to get the height and volume seen here.