Top Nail Designs Trends 2021

Call your favorite manicurist and round up your whole entire squad, because it’s time to get the nails done RIGHT. From ombre fades and cool graphics to the 1990s French tips that are making a comeback, we’ve got every single nail trend on your feed right here in one place. Oh and btw, you might want to start saving these cute nail designs for later, because there are waaaay too many ideas to choose from.


On the days we’re feeling a bit bleurghh smart-looking nails can help us feel more together (you’ve probably heard that one before, but it works). How to razz up a classic navy jumper and jeans? Spice them up with tortoiseshell nails. Simple black ensemble? Hello, forest green French tips. What adds attitude to your favourite holey tracky bums? Mixed metallics.

If you ask me though, winter is where nail art really comes into it’s own. Think: glossy fingertips peeking out under the cuffs of cosy jumpers, rich shades of mulled wine, midnight blue and… of course touches of sparkle scattered across tips and cuticles. Because, ’tis the season.

With the evenings stretching out in front of us, it’s prime time to get experimental. So, after you’ve finished applying two coats of deep merlot or tawny rose, why not go one step further and add some gold accents, too. A simple dot is easy to achieve (use the end of a bobby pin as a stamp). A graphic line might need some practice and the help of an old liner brush. Or half moons at the base of your cuticle are a simple, pretty and subtle way to incorporate a bit of glitz