top Dress For The African Women 2020

African Styles ..It is really amazing and exciting what Africans are creating out of fashion these days. Blouses and skirts, gowns {shorts and long}, trousers and even bags and shoes are being designed from African. The possibilities are just endless.



Creativity runs in every woman’s vein and we always want to look fabulous So ladies below are the list of African design your designer needs to sew for you



These days African is more than just clothes we wear to weddings this beautiful ball gown just made it known to us that it could be more. This obviously is a prom dress made with Ankara what a beauty it is.

For those who say skirt and blouse is going out of Ankara fashion well, this has to prove that saying wrong because this is yet another classy very detailed blouse and a simple split skirt and you can’t go wrong by attending a wedding in this beautiful shade of awesomeness.