Top Buzz: Happy birthday to meme king Ronewa Malema, son to Connie Ferguson’s oldest daughter Lesedi

Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson is a South African media personality, actor, casting director and movie producer. She was born in South Africa Johannesburg on the 31st of December 1993, she is the daughter of the famous actors Neo Matsunyane and Connie Ferguson, Connie had her in her first marriage but,

Later divorced. When got married again in 2001 with the late Shona Ferguson. She took her daughter with her and was raised by her step father along with her biological father which is why she uses both of their surnames. While she was still in AFD at age 22 she met,

Austin Malema who is a famous celebrity photographer, they may have met at the SAFTA awards or Student Academy Awards because that’s where Austin has been mostly involved. After being private about their relationship they welcomed their son in April 29th 2015. In 2017 they ended their relationship and continued,

Co-parenting. They named him Ronewa, the little boy was very close to his grandfather the late Shona Ferguson. After Ronewa turned 4 years, Lesedi started posting his pictures on social media and his grandmother Connie Ferguson recreated a popular photography of a black woman and her child but to her,

It was her grandson. Most of the time when she posted his pictures people on social media loved his pictures and used them as memes, he later made his acting debut in 2021 on Rockville season 5. Being born in the family of actors and cameras, it was obvious that,

He would be on camera too. His meme face made him popular and he has always been celebrated on social media on his birthdays. Today his mother told everyone that King Ro is celebrating his birthday today and also his aunt Alicia Ferguson posted him on her Instagram and wished him a happiest birthday.

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