Top 10 South African Djs in 2023 and their net worth

As we all know that making music is not an easy job, but a difficult way of producing songs for people to love and listen to every day. South Africa is in no doubt when it comes to making the best music DJs have been making the greatest hits from both males and females.

Well in today’s article, we will break down all the facts with supporting evidence on the top 10 richest DJs in South Africa this year. This includes all their car collections, houses that they own, and their latest net worths all together with businesses they have.
DJ SbuSunday World

Dj Sbu is a famous hustler that has been pushing since day one of his musical career to a full-time businessman. His life changed when he released a hit song called “For a Reason” way back then in the year 2006, can you imagine that? Today, the man owns a multi-million Rand energy drink company called Mofaya, which made him one of the richest DJs in South Africa.DJ Sbu reacts to Mofaya ownership controversy – Mbare Times

The company was founded in the year 2012 together with his business partner Siphiwe Shongwe. Mofaya has become one of the best-selling local energy drinks ever made. It is up there competing with other energy drinks including Re-Boost energy drink, and Monster Energy Drink.

Honestly, I’m proud of this guy. He is pushing up his dream and passion to become a billionaire one day in the future. Well, for your information, DJ Sbu is currently worth around two million dollars according to the Net Worth Planet website. Most of his earnings come from the Mofaya energy drink and his side hustle of radio stations also with YouTube podcasts.DJ Sbu Biography: Net Worth, Wife, Age, House, Cars, Businesses & Contact Details » Ubetoo





DJ TiraVideo Of Dj Tira In A Hotel In Zimbabwe With A Model Goes Viral – Mzansi27

Dj Tira, also known as Makoya Bearings is one of the oldest longest, and most lasting DJs in South African history. The man has his fame on point by 100 percent. His career boomed back in the year 2008 when he formed his record label and signed in one of the coolest artists on his label called Afrotainment. Speaking of his record label, his first business he has is a record label called Afrotainment. Until this day it’s making a lot of money on his label.

The second business he owns is called Makoya Chicken, which is one of the small growing chicken restaurants around Durban in South Africa, plus he also owns Makoya Bearing cider alcohol, which I believe was the greatest idea as many people in South Africa like to drink alcohol. The statistics are saying nearly half of the country drinks alcohol.