Too Much Money: Jerusalema star Nomcebo Zikode splashes R 2.1 million on a new car

Nomcebo Zikode has had a successful career, performing live at the AFCON and living a lavish lifestyle. Even the baskets will hold water for you if it is God’s time to reward you. Nomcebo, the hottest performer right now, couldn’t disguise her delight at getting a new automobile. She posted it to Instagram with the caption: “Celebrating my boss’s moves with my fans.”

Whom shall I fear if the LORD is my light and my salvation? Whom shall I fear if not the LORD, who is the stronghold of my life? When my opponents and foes attack me, they will stumble and fall when bad men advance against me to consume my flesh.
Jerusalema star Nomcebo Zikode splashes R 2.1 million on a new car

Nomcebo ZikodeNomcebo Zikode: Image source @Instagram




The singer uploaded a video of herself at a Land Rover dealership in Sandon to her Instagram account. She was dressed in a white outfit and bought a Range Rover Velar D200 for R2.1 million. Mzansi was taken aback by her large purchase, and congratulatory messages flooded her Instagram feed. Sis is a hardworking girl who will go to any length to secure the bag, as evidenced by her recent purchase of a brand new, high-priced car.

The Jerusalem hitmaker reportedly spent R2.1 million on a brand new Range Rover Velar D200. Her Range Rover Velar D200 is an ideal car for lengthy journeys, as well as the best in its price range. It’s one of the few bulletproof vehicles available. The vehicle is ideal for a queen of her stature.
Nomcebo Zikode car collection

After rumors circulated on social media that she had purchased a brand new Rolls Royce, she became a top trend in 2021. Nomcebo later denied the rumors, explaining that she just took a picture of herself posing in a Rolls Royce and did not buy it.

Nomcebo ZikodeNomcebo Zikode: Image source @Instagram

The musician isn’t particularly well-known, and nothing is known about her net worth. She has, however, been seen riding in some of the most expensive cars on the market, though it is unclear whether she owns them.