Tonight On SkeemSaam:Koloi’s Life Is Flipped Upside Down In The City Of Gold


Koloi chose to go to Joburg the day preceding his meeting. Merciful came to his place since he needed to go with him to the taxi rank however his uncle proposed to take him there. Koloi was in a taxi eager to go to Joburg. He recieved a call while he was still en route to Joburg. The call was from Ruth and she needed to investigate him. At the point when he showed up there, he got off the taxi happily.




Individuals at the taxi rank understood that Koloi was not from Joburg by the manner in which he was wearing. At the point when he communicated in English, it validated their premonitions. He requested bearings in English yet he didn’t find support.

He at last found support from some fellow and he showed him a taxi. Koloi got in the taxi then it left. On the way, Koloi needed to pay for his ride and he got some information about the cost while he was removing cash from his sack.

Individuals in the taxi removed their hairpieces and advised Koloi to give them his garments and everything. They left him in the street without any shoes nor gear.

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