Tonight On #Skeem Saam| Pretty Chooses Lehasa Over Her Family


Tonight Pretty Makes A Choice That Shocks Her Family

Tonight Pretty makes a decision and chooses the love of her life Lehasa. She makes a choice and chooses Lehasa over her family. A situation like this is very stressful and overwhelming. There should be no reason for anyone to have to choose between his/her family and someone they love.


But as for Pretty, giving up her family is a huge decision because she is doing that only for a boyfriend. But hopefully her family will come around and accept her relationship with Lehasa. Because everybody needs a family in their lives one way or the other.

Ultimately, everyone should have their family involved in their life whether you choose them or not. Family is supposed to be there through thick and thin.

I think if Lehasa treats Pretty well, her family will eventually see the value of their relationship and finally accept their relationship.