Tonight On #HouseOfZwide| Funani Collapses After Announcing Ona As The Winner

Tonight Funani Collapses After Announcing Ona As The Winner

Everyone has been waiting for the episode that shows Ona’s real paternity. Tonight Funani collapses after announcing Ona as the winner. He fainted because he knows that Ona is his daughter Zobuhle. Funani is shocked by the DNA test results and couldn’t control his longing for his daughter who is standing next to him.

Ona is talented and deserves to win. She started her design late and she had challenges but really showed that she can work under pressure. She finished her dress in two days and managed to pull all the stops.




Ona is going to feel bad when she finds out that Isaac also played a big role in hidding the truth about her identity.

Skeletons in Faith’s closet are slowly coming out. It is high time she pays for what she did to Zobuhle and the entire Zwide family. They have been through so much pain because of her.

This soapie shows that everything that is done in secret will be revealed, the truth always comes out nomatter the years.