“Tonight On #House Of Zwide: Soka And Ona’s Romantic Night Ends In Disappointment

Tonight Soka and Ona’s romantic night sadly ends in dissapoinments. Ona’s facial expression when Soka told her that he is going to book a hotel so that they can have a bit of privacy showed that she does not like the idea. It showed that the night will just end in tears. This mostly happen to many girls if they have never been intimate with their partner before. For guys it becomes easy and most of the time they just can’t wait for it.


Ona is just not ready to be intimate with Soka atleast not now. And Soka seemed to understand her but Bra Carter on the other hand is putting pressure on Soka saying he is too slow. He said that if Ona does not want to sleep with him she should just get himself another girlfriend as there are many girls out there.

For me I agree with Bra Carter, Soka should just get himself another girl. Because he is a man and he needs to satisfy his sexual desires. If Ona can’t give it to him then he should just dump her because One is just being selfish.