Tonight – Nkosi Forces Dorothy To Break Up With Molefe

Tonight Nkosi Forces Dorothy To Break Up With Molefe

Nkosi faught with Molefe after he provoked him and tonight he will command Dorothy to break up with Molefe. Yes Molefe was wrong in keeping Isaac’s secret but it was also wrong for Nkosi to keep out all his frastrations on Molefe. After all Molefe was not there when Faith and Isaac decided to burn the house. Molefe kept Isaacs secret because he was afraid of hurting many people especially his sister Rea.




Keeping Isaac’s secret makes him look like a bad person now. But I think Nkosi is just being unfair to Dorothy. Dorothy is their maid and she should not be involved in his fight with Molefe. He just can’t expect Dorothy to break up with the person she loves just like that especially over things that does not concern her. Molefe was trying to protect her sisters marriage.

Nkosi is just being too personal. The poor Dorothy loves Nkosi. She has been like a second mother to him always there for him and giving advice whenever he needed it. She is loyal to the Zwide family but expecting loyalty like this is just too much. If tables where turned Nkosi wouldn’t leave Shoki for Dorothy. Expecting Dorothy to choose is just too much.