Happy Birthday For Gogo Maweni

The exact age of Gogo Maweni is not known to the general public. However, she is believed to have been born between 1988 and 1992 in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. Maweni is a well-known South African doctor, consultant, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and television personality.






Maweni once confessed to practicing and possessing witchcraft abilities. She is also believed to have bewitched her baby daddies after they failed to pay child maintenance. Maweni is famous for her lavish lifestyle and her herbal businesses. She owns a herbal store and sells jewelry known as Maweni Chakra Online. According to her Facebook profile, Maweni is a gobela at Impande Ye Zulu. She is also famous for appearing in several South African TV shows.

I guess it’s true that Gogo Maweni is one of the richest South African Sangoma in South Africa. People say Gogo Maweni doesn’t have the money she’s just bragging, but that’s not true a few months ago Gogo Maweni posted on social media that she bought a new car.

So since today, it’s her birthday she decided to buy herself another car, as her birthday present. Below is what was posted: Today marks the day I got to Earth and I didn’t come to play. You’ll better know what time it is when I pull up!

After this post was shared people were so happy for her, someone even commented saying This is nice gogo Please buy me just a small car.

Then another one commented saying Happy awesome birthday, And Congratulations Gogo.