“Today, I saved a life, listened even with my spiritual ears & I guided” Skeem Saam actress revealed

Being good listeners is one of the best things people can do for one another. A lot of people are going through so much in their lives and they try so hard to cope but some even end up feeling like they can just give up on everything and on life. Talking to someone about what you are going through in life, can sometimes be very helpful and beneficial.

Skeem Saam actress Makgofe Moagi who is popularly known for portraying the role of Charity Ramabu has recently revealed that she saved a life. The star mentioned in her latest post as left a lot people absolutely inspired: “Today, I saved a life, I listened. I listened with my spiritual ears. I guided, I opened up & let the guides do their thing, It’s heavy.

But we need each other. We are each other stepping stone. I’m saying this because empathy is an expensive currency. Be kind & pray for each other”. As many were inspired by the wonderful job she has done, some asked for her help, as they also need someone to talk to. We need more people like Makgofe Moagi, she’s just amazing.