TKZEE Kabelo Mabalane ‘s wife Gail Malabane lefts fans astounded dressed in an elegant outfit.

Gail Mabalane is one of the most talented female thespians in South Africa with a huge following on social media for she is a delight to watch her do what loves behind a camera and her family dynamics is one more thing that South Africans are interested in when it comes to her.

She is TKZEE , Kwaito legend Kabelo Mabalane ‘s wife of eleven long years and they are an incredibly inspirational family that is adored and cherished by a lot of South Africans.






The Mabalane family is adorable and a hit on social media such as lnstagram , Gail the mother to two beautiful kids with Kabelo , a boy and a girl and they are loved by Mzansi .

Their adorable son , their first born happens to have his own lnstagram page where she has a formidable following , perhaps he will follow into his parents ‘ footsteps .

They are a dynamite couple that has stood the test of time and they are one of the most admirable celebrity power couple in Mzansi’s show business.

Kabelo is a force not to be reckoned with in the music industry , he is a platinum record selling artist who has travelled around the world when he began his career in the Kwaito legendary group TKZEE alongside musical genius Zwai Bala.

Gail Mabalane is an award winning actress known for the roles she has played in the following drama series , ‘The Wild ‘ alongside the Fergusons as the directors , ‘The Queen ‘ on Mzansi Magic and a locally produced Mnet series ‘Legacy’.

She is a force not to be reckoned with in the media and entertainment landscape of Mzansi .

She is also a model, a stylist , fashion designer, social media influencer , brand endoser and a business woman.

She is the pioneer woman for the acting industry of Mzansi and she is gifted with a youthful look and Mzansi can’t get enough of this beautiful super star.

In a recent lnstagram post dressed in an all black formal yet sexy suit whilst endorsing some products on her Instagram timeline.