TK Dlamini shares breathtaking picture of baby mama Jessica Nkosi, watching the sunset.

Women are simple beings, they just need to be loved and cared for that’s all. Caring means taking notice of the little changes that they done and telling them how much you love them. Taking stolen pictures of them without them noticing. That’s the kind of love language that most women crave for.

TK Dlamini is an actor and business. The actor has been in the industry for many years now and in these years he has managed to make a huge name for himself. The actor and his baby mama Jessica Nkosi have been rumoured to be married after fans have been spotting wedding bands on their fingers.






The two have a beautiful daughter Namisa, who resembles both of them. They are currently in Cape Town enjoying themselves. TK took a stolen picture of Jessica watching the sunset. Jessica is a beauty by nature but she’s worse with the sun rays shinning on her face.