TK Dlamini shares a cute moment between his Jessica and their daughter.

Family is important, that’s why we should keep them close and cherish them. One cannot live without family. It is beautiful to see beautiful black families holding on and keeping strong. Black men are stepping up and taking responsibility. It’s a beautiful sight as they have been painted very bad before.




TK Dlamini is a talented actor and businessman. He is known for his role on Uzalo and The Queen. The actor is focused on his businesses so much that he hasn’t been on our screens. He nearly lost his family when he was caught cheating on his baby mama Jessica Nkosi. She forgave him and they have been keeping a low profile.



They celebrated Nami’s birthday during the weekend and unlike the previous years, they kept it low and private. He shared a picture of Jessica and Nami at the beach playing around. They were so focused they didn’t see him taking the video.