Tinashe chooses a new wife for Funani but fans think he can’t always be getting Isaac’ s leftovers

House of Zwide season one is about to come to an end. It’s over for Faith and Isaac. For too long they kept the secret and made Funani to believe that his daughter is dead while she is alive. Desperate to take the secret to her grave, Faith even killed her mother in law because she was so close to disclosing the true identity of Onalerona Molapo.


Fans are waiting to see what Funani will do now that he is aware of what Faith did. Will they continue as husband and wife or Funani will divorce her? Funani is broken right now, and to think that Faith has been quite all these years as he was crying for his daughter Zobuhle makes him more angry.

Some fans including Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri wish Funani can marry Isaac’s wife Rea while others think it won’t be fair for Funani to always get leftovers from Isaac. Faith was Isaac’s girlfriend before dating Funani. Now he cannot take another from Isaac let him get his own if he cannot continue with Faith. See some comments below :

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