Time is running out for Doctor Sphe. Winston is leaving town tonight after his release from hospital

The biggest problem with monsters is that, in their head they believe what they are doing is just. They have appointed themselves as the punishers of wrong doing while committing heinous crimea themselves.

Doctor Sphe managed to stab crazy Winston in Friday’s episode but it seems he managed to get himself to hospital just in time. Winston accused Sphe of not being fair by stabbing him.


For her punishment Winston plans to leave Sphe to die in a dungeon without food and water. Last night we saw Winston arriving in hospital and collapsing in the hands of Luyolo.

He was busy mummering Sphe’s name before he fainted probably from loss of blood and an infection from the wound.

Luyolo has no idea that he is going to save the life of a monster who left Sphe to die. He is blindly thinking Mazwi is guilty. He is even thinking of telling Detective Malinga about his hideout.