Thuso Mbedu tells her side of story on allegations that she is seeing someone

“Thuso Mbedu “has addresses rumors of dating. It was allegedly said that “Thuso Mbedu “got married on a traditional private wedding.


As a result of rumors that she had married, “Thuso Mbedu “has debunked them on social media. “Thusi Mbedu “finally responded to the rumours that we’re making rounds.

In support of the movie The Woman King, the star has been touring the globe with her co-stars. She even went to the daily show in the United States that is hosted by the South African born star Trevor Noah.

So it would appear that some Twitter users have assumed she is married because of her traveling that she was doing on the tour.

She clarified misconceptions about her age and marital status by posting on her Twitter timeline. She indicated that she is not married with anyone, she has been busy with her career as she was on a tour for the woman king.

Considering that many people tweet while puffed up. Yes, I’m 31. Not at all, I’m single. No, I don’t have any offspring from my womb, but my nieces refer to me as “mam’ncane” (younger mother) because that is how we do it in the “Zulu “culture, and I adore them just like they are my own children.