Thulisile Phongolo recently left devotees genuinely gobsmacked with her recent unique

Thulisile Phongolo is prevalently perceived South African talented Actress and disc Jockey who is astute and brilliant. The excellent entertainer is usually born on twenty-two of January 1994. She has began her Performing profession while depicting the personality of Zama on the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s TV series Tshisa. She is more popular for her critical commitment on Generations the legacy, enthralling crowds as Namhla Diale.

The delightful star has consistently appears fabulous wether she is in a classic red carpet look or in a more bold, unique street style outfit, she always manage to dress herself sensibly to impeccably.









Thuli Phongolo’s fashion statement is vastly excellent and attractive. The excellent entertainer rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to her style. She is considered to be one of the most extremely stylish female celebrities who not only manage to capture our attention with her performing capabilities, Deejaying skills and also with jer staggering fashion choices.

She is often ranked one of the most stylish women in South Africa. Thuli is always on-trend and looks glamourous wherever she goes. She is our go-to style crush for summer fashion inspiration. She is one of the local celebrities who have mastered their sense os style and continues to give us flawless closet envy.

Thuli is a style icon that transcends far past the mortal realms of fashion, creating new style rules every time she leaves the house . If there’s one person in the world you should steal style advice from, it’s the DJ/Actress herself. Even her wildest outfits have secret details the rest of us peasants can wear and feel just as badass.

You can locate her on social media platform which incorporates Instagram she left darlings in a confused together along with her flawless preview looking for incredibly amazing and phenomenal.