Thuli Phongolo without makeup see what people noticed and what they had to say about this picture

Thulisile Phongolo (also Thuli P;[1] born 22 January 1994) is an actress and disc jockey in South African media. By September 2017, Phongolo was an amateur disc jockey, a profession she maintained through at least November 2019.

Phongolo began her acting career playing Zama on the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) TV series Tshisa. While a prefect at her high school, Phongolo played Namhla Diale on the soap opera Generations: The Legacy. After leaving that show in 2018, Phongolo acted in SABC’s TV series Makoti and Mzansi Magic’s The Republic. In November 2021, she was performing in The Wife: Showmax’s telenovela adaptation of Dudu Busani-Dube’s Hlomu: The Wife. That same month, she was announced to be appearing in the film, I Am Sofia.

They say make-up it’s a woman’s best friend. If you see a woman who is always wearing make without make-up you should know they trust themselves. Because they say women put on makeup to boost their self-esteem. So for a woman to go in public without makeup they trust their skin and beauty. Which is a good thing because its not many women that I proud of their skin and natural beauty, that is why you will find some of them bleaching their skin and putting makeup.




But I guess people like Thuli Phongolo trust themselves enough to show their skin in public without makeup. Musa Khawula got people talking after sharing Thuli Phongolo’ s face without makeup for the first time causing a stir. Below is the picture shared by Musa Khawula:

Knowing people on social media when it comes to celebrities they will always have something to say, and in most cases they like saying negative things just to make fun of the them. As people started commenting Someone in the comments section tried to say something negative by saying Thuli is beautiful but she is not married, then someone wrote she has red cheeks, but someone explained that she just had skin treatment hence her cheeks are like that. While someone wrote she is so white, but people didn’t pay any attention to that comment because Thuli has always been like that. Then people started dragging Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau saying is she this white or she did what Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau did to their skin.

Then someone wrote was there any need for this post, and then someone commented saying there is definitely a need for this post because there are a lot of women who scared to show off their skin in public, because they have bad skins because of the things they use on their skin that ruined their skin. They say it’s good to see that we have women like Thuli Phongolo who still look beautiful and who are proud of their natural skin who didn’t bleach to impress people.