Thuli Phongolo Got Dragged For Wearing Gucci Worth Over R84 000, See This

If this is the life that actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo can afford, then it should not be a big deal when people find out that her Gucci outfit was worth over R84 000 or should it?

This morning, there was a post on social media about Thuli, showing the clothes that she recently wore.

And someone did some research to find out how much everything costs, including the bag, it turns out that the outfit costs tens of thousands.

It is estimated that it is more than R84 000 and as soon as people saw this, the reactions came in and they were obviously not in a congratulatory mood.

People mentioned that this is what most of these celebrities do, they spend their money on all these expensive brands and later on in life, they ask for donations.



People mentioned all the things that Thuli could have done instead of spending that much money on clothes, jewellery and bags, but others thought this was unfair on Thuli because this is her money that she is spending.

And besides, there are many other celebrities who spend a lot on their outfits, more than what Thuli spent on her outfit.

There were people who mentioned that this became a topic because it is Thuli, had it been someone else, there probably would not be all the exaggeration.

Others suspected that the Gucci clothes were fake and she probably bought them at a popular store in Joburg, “Small Street”.

But for someone who is familiar with the brands, they can easily tell the difference and Thuli has no reason to do that.

As we have seen, she is doing well in her career and one would assume that her businesses are doing well too, which would mean that she is making some serious money.

One person mentioned that people like Thuli are supported by ordinary people, but they barely go our their way to assist with students debts.

One would argue that, it is not every celebrity that does not offer a helping hand and just because we are not aware, does not mean that Thuli has never assisted people, financially.

And again, she has worked hard to be where she is, and she does not have to do anything to please people who feel entitled.

Thuli has every right to spend her hard earned money as she sees fit, but this will obviously not stop people from saying what they want to say about her.

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