Throwback: Watch as Nkosazana Daughter audition for DJ Maphorisa after being introduced by DJ Mpura

Nkosazana Daughter auditioned for DJ Maphorisa on a live Instagram video introduced by Mpura. Maphorisa’s introduction to the music industry has been a blessing to many musicians who broke into the industry and made it big.

One of those artists is Nkosazana Kimberly Nzama, known as Nkosazana Daughter.

It’s hard to believe that she only broke into the industry in 2021 and has collaborated with some of the best Amapiano producers, including Kabza DE Small, Master KG, and Heavy K.

A video of how the 21-year-old was discovered has surfaced, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Nkosazana is sitting with the late Mpura and having a live interaction on Instagram with Phori.

Phori looks very taken with Nkosazana’s haunting voice and asks her to sing a song for him.

Phori is heard saying that she needs to get into the studio immediately because she has the goods.

Nkosazana mentions that the song is a house track when Phori asks her to tell him what genre she is exploring in music, and then he says he wants her to explore Amapiano because he thinks the song would be a hit in that genre.

Nkosazana Daughter has taken the industry by storm, and it all started in a small room with Mpura.

Musician Nkosazana Daughter ‘Nkosazana Nolwazi Kimberly

Mpura, whose real name is Mongezi Stuurman, sadly passed away in a horrible car accident that took the lives of 5 people, including the Uthol’ukuthi hey hitmaker Killer Kau.

Mpura also made a few tracks featuring this young woman’s vocals in songs like Baleka Baleka and Izitha.



Maphorisa is known as one of the most talented Amapiano producers and has showcased his talent on international stages.

Nkosazana Daughter is now a well-known name in the Amapiano music world and released hit songs like Lilizela and Umama Akekho with Phori and Kabza De Small.

Nkosazana made big waves when collaborating with the undisputed Master KG with the hit song Dali Nguwe.

Fans of DJ Maphorisa have given him props for opening his doors to a newcomer and grooming her to become one of the strongest contenders in the South African music industry.

Kaya FM drive DJ Sizwe Dlomo called the move entrepreneurial.

“Phori is a businessman! You can see the wheels turning in his head during the convo.”

Watch Nkosazana audition for Maphorisa below on the source link.

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