Throw back pictures of Mayeni and her friends.

We have a lot of great and also powerful ladies in South Africa and we have a lot of great role models as well and there is no doubt about that.

We have a lot of great ladies and we look up to that are doing so well in their different experts of life in their own different ways as well.


We have the likes f Ayanda Ncwane who is a business lady and she is behind scene of the music industry,and she was her her late husband manager as well and she has taken the business to new adventures and she has done so well at that.

We also have Nonkanyiso Conco who is also a business woman as she has her very own skin products and she is also an ambassoder for a lot of leading brands as well.

We also have Khanya Yeni who is a media personality and she runs her own botique and she is doing well. She posted a picture of her and the other three ladies and there are ” rumors ” that they will working together on something together.