Three Sisters Refused To Make Peace With Each Other After This Happened In #UthandoNoxolo

Three Sisters Refused To Make Peace With Each Other After This Happened In #UthandoNoxolo

Source: Hashtag #UthandoNoxolo Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode





Mzansi Is Left disappointed by the sisters who are fighting each other over the asserts of their father who passed away.

A Lady named Priscilla wrote to #UthandoNoxolo after her father died mysterious on the hands of her sister. It’s been years since the passing of her father but she feels like she has not made peace with her fathers death. She wrote to #UthandoNoxolo because she want to find out from her sister what really happened on the day they took their father to hospital.

The lady want to make peace with her sister and she also want to know what happen to their father. She believes that her sister have something to do with the death of their father. According to her, the father was found collapsed in the seating room. Apparently the sister failed to stop the ambulance at the road and decides to transport him to the hospital where he passed away on.

Andile have tried her best to make these three sisters to reconcile but it’s difficult when two sisters are against one another. People have noticed that the other suster is greedy after she refused to reconcile with Priscilla.

Mzansi were disappointed that the family are not working together to keep the legacy of their father. Their father was a businessman who had over 38 rooms to rent next to the mall. The stand is no longer in good state as tgere is no people renting in the rooms.

Their father has left a great investment for all his children. Priscilla also revealed that the two sister are the only siblings who benefited from their father’s will.

Mzansi has been wondering If it’s there were no assets and money left by the deceased parents, these siblings would not be fighting like this. It’s pity that Andile who is the immediator could not solve the case because the sisters are not willing to make peace and reconcile with the rest of the family.