Thomas Gumede’s picture hugging his son leaves his fans gushing over them.

Men were raised differently than women, they were not allowed to show any emotion especially one that rendered them weak. Which is something that is not good for anyone. Over the years men have tried to live differently by being in tune with their emotions. This means that they are no longer hiding their feelings.




Thomas Gumede is amongst some of the most talented stars in the country. He is a television presenter, director, actor and many more. He has been in the industry for many years. Thomas a proud father to Cebelihle whom he has with actress Zola Nombona.

The little man has him wrapped around his little finger. The fact that he is his first child makes it worse. He has shared a very cute picture of him and Cebelihle hugging. The picture is very cute because it seems he didn’t notice they were being photographered. His fans couldn’t stop admiring them.